"Relieve Menopause Symptoms with Meditation".

How it all began...

Several years ago Paul, a certified hypnotherapist, followed his passion to help people and began developing and testing a series of Brainwave Entrainment programs to help clients relieve stress and reduce anxiety. These “Sound Therapy Sessions" would soon become the key to our program.  


His focus began to shift as he watched me begin to suffer with the symptoms brought on by perimenopause.  My normal day to day life became filled with symptoms of anxiety, mood swings, lack of focus and a general sense of being overwhelmed on a daily basis.   Our running joke was that he was married to several women and not sure who he would wake up with on any given day!


Paul then realized that the technology he was working with could help ease what had now invaded our lives. I then became the “guinea pig” for the creation of a new series developed especially for women, Meditation for Menopause. 


“New Beginnings” became the first session that helped change the way I was dealing with my life.  Some days it just allowed me to relax while other days I would experience such an emotional release that I would literally cry.  Even as I am telling the story, I have the “Uplifting” focus session on to help keep my thoughts clear so that I may be able to let any woman reading this know how well it can work for them. 


We want to let anyone who is searching for relief know how much we are personally and emotionally invested in helping women attain natural relief with this simple to use program.  We believe in the Meditation for Menopause program. It is with love and appreciation that we have been given the opportunity to help women change their lives.

With Love and Gratitude, 

      Paul & Kathy