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Would you like to relieve the stress & anxiety associated with menopause and perimenopause? 

Over 2 million women in the U.S alone enter menopause each year. Most are tired, stressed, anxious and unfocused.  If any of this sounds familiar keep reading . . . you can change this.  At some point in every woman's life she will experience some symptoms of menopause.  You're on edge and you don't know why.  Sleeping through the night is a thing of the past.  You are anxious about being stressed and stressed about being anxious, Most are not sure what happens faster, mood swings or hot flashes.  You're exhausted, irritated and your memory sucks!  All you want to do is feel normal again . . . you are not alone.

So how are you handling "The Change"?

Once the reality sinks in most women seek medical advice.  Just making the appointment gives you some hope.  You begin to feel some relief . . . if anyone can help it's your doctor, right?  So first they suggest diet and exercise.  You're already eating less and gaining more, how about hormone replacement?  You've done your research and you have found mixed opinions. How about a natural approach?  There are lots of herbal remedies but you're still not sure. Maybe you just get a fan, a bottle of wine and try toughing it out.  Most days it's all just too overwhelming.  You are stressed more than before and it feels like one more thing to deal with . . . you just need a moment to breathe.  

Our Sound Therapy Program is designed to help women relax, improve focus and sleep better.

The Meditation for Menopause Program uses sound frequencies to stimulate the brain through a complex process called Brainwave Entrainment.  This process is the brain's response to rhythmic stimulation, such as pulses of sound.  When the brain is presented with a re-occurring stimulus, like a drum beat, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of electrical impulses.  The brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm.  This process benefits you by aligning your own brain waves with those embedded in the our program to enhance your state of mind.  Simply put, if you are feeling stressed or anxious, a Sound Therapy Session can help synchronize your brainwaves with an Alpha frequency of being calm and relaxed.

Reduce Stress, Eliminate Anxiety, Focus and Sleep Better

Each Sound Therapy Session is crafted by combining the Science of Brainwave Entrainment and the experience of a Certified Hypnotherapist.  We have found a way to activate the powerful results of a Hypnotherapy session with this amazing program.  Our easy to use Audio Technology is a safe and effective way to guide you into deep hypnotic states of Relaxation, Meditation, Focus and Sleep. This program was designed to help women attain natural relief from many of their menopause symptoms.  Learn more about the "Science Behind the Sound".  

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Download your favorite track or save 30% when you purchase the album.  Our complete program includes 16 individual Sound Therapy Sessions designed to ease the major challenges of menopause and perimenopause.  Relax, Meditate, Focus & Sleep Better.

"Relieve Menopause Symptoms with Meditation".

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"Relieve Menopause Symptoms with Meditation".

Please keep in mind Meditation for Menopause is an audio program designed to help you manage the stress, anxiety and focus issues common with menopause.  We understand this is a personal and sensitive subject for many women.  There is no one "Magic Pill" to treat the condition known as menopause.  This program is designed to be a powerful tool to help you on your journey.  Just like a great pair of shoes there's always room for one more. Always seek medical advice as needed and use your common sense to guide you in your decisions.  Enjoy this program as it is intended to be . . . a life enhancement program to help you ease and manage "The Change".